Friday, 28 February 2014

What Are Your Game Board Superstitions?

I'd bet quite a few of us interact with the game board in very specific ways during play. We ignore and engage with the clickables in predictable ways. For some of people, it's superstition. For the rest of us, something to do to pass the time while opponents take their turns.

I've a few animated GIFs below to demonstrate some of my own obsessive-compulsive behaviours while playing Hearthstone. I'd like to hear your behaviours and superstitions.

Before any match begins, I am turning off the street lamp. It's the first thing I click on when I'm on this game board. That light is snuffed. And stays snuffed for the entire match.

I'm not super consistent with this, but I do like smashing the single roof tile.

I used to always break the sign, but do not bother doing so any more. Same with the door. I used to shut it, but it always remains open now.

This graphic isn't animated, because I don't do anything with this section of the game board any longer. But I know it's a popular spot for mouse clicks.

All I have to say is, stop dropping the bucket and busting up the well stones. Timmy is down that well. You're dropping shit on his head. Think of poor Timmy.

The smoke must be stopped.

On this game board shutting down Orc industry is the first thing I do.

I think I find the constant animation somewhat annoying and distracting. Thus, get rid of it.

I'm the most active on this game board, all told.

The first thing that needs to be done is popping that gem out of the eye socket.

Then it's bringing down the coconuts.

Throughout the game I'll click the skull occasionally, because who doesn't like some soothing jungle music.

As for the vines. I leave them be. I'm not much of a vine guy.

Must have the zebra skin. The zebra skin is win.

It's a known fact that you can't win without the zebra skin. You can still lose with the zebra skin, but you'll never win without it.

This is science. I don't need to explain it any further.

Like the smoke, the street lamp, and the gem, the kite must go. First thing I do on this game board.

Like the smoke, the constant animation annoys me. Yes, I'm a freak.

This is not something I always go for, because it can take a helluva long time, but the boot is a bonus. If you're up against some jerk who is taking their every turn right up to the end of the clock, waste some time digging up the old boot.


  1. Definitely never break the cathedral windows...but I toll the bell constantly, and also hit the skull drums/smokestack/three plants constantly when nervous

  2. I always try to get three carrots.