Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Deck Design: Middle-Earth Theme

Let's see if we can build a viable Middle Earth themed deck. I was watching Kripparian's stream last evening and he did just that himself. He didn't fare very well with the deck. The deck below isn't his deck, he made some questionable choices that weren't very Middle Earth-like. I think as a community we can do better.

Some rules. Dwarves are allowed, except the gun-toting varieties (i.e., Stormpike Commando and Ironforge Rifleman). Smaug-like dragons are allowed(i.e., no Faerie Dragons). Elves are allowed. Gnomes are not Hobbits, thus no Gnomes. Most beasts are allowed, except for dinosaurs. Treants are, of course, allowed too. Beornings can be represented with Druid of the Claw. Dire Wolves are okay. There are mountain giants, but no molten or sea giants. Orcs are cool. Warcraft trolls are far too different from Middle Earth trolls, so have not included them.

Here's the deck I've come up with. I've chosen Druid as the hero class, specifically for the ents. And we can make the assumption that Radagast the Brown is druidic in nature. So our hero is Radagast.

Middle Earth Theme

Is it possible to create a viable Middle Earth themed deck? Feel free to use other heroes, if you can draw a parallel to a famous Middle Earth character. Perhaps a Mage could relate back to Saruman. A Hunter could relate back to Aragorn/Strider. A Warlock could perhaps relate to the Witch King, though there are no imps and such, as far as I can tell, in Middle Earth, so you'd be blocked out of using most of the strong Warlock cards. The Paladin could be paralleled to a famous Gondorian Knight or Dúnedain.

As for other unique creatures in Middle Earth. Perhaps the Balrog could be represented by Gruul or Ragnaros.

I'd love to see some Middle Earth themed builds by the community. Let's see if we can come up with something reasonably competitive.

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